The Okinawa Nature Office (O.N.O) is dedicated to guiding you deeper into the nature of this wonderful Kin town and the Island of Okinawa, especially the diverse Yambaru.
Why don’t you take the opportunity to experience the real and deep nature of Okinawa? Please feel free to contact us for various tour guides and photo rentals of Yambaru and Kin Town.



We will support you to experience in depth the nature of Kin Town, from the nature of the Okinawan Taro cultivation area where people have been living for a long time, to the nature of the Kunigami(Yambaru) area, which is registered as a World Natural Heritage site, with its subtropical evergreen forests and unique flora and fauna.
We would like to be a bridge to help you experience and become familiar with the wonderful nature of Okinawa, such as observing the wild birds in the Okinawan Taro cultivation area and the creatures that live in and around the mangrove forests and experiencing the nature of the Yambaru forest where you can encounter the Okinawa Rail and other endemic creatures.

金武町公式観光ポータルサイト ビジット金武タウン